Weightless Workouts and FUN!

Splash into our pristine pools! Maybe you’re recovering from an injury, looking for exercise that’s easy on those joints, or training for a tri. Take some laps or fun water classes in our large pool or ease into our warmer water pool for relaxing and weightless mobility. Then bring those littles and have some splashing good fun during recreational swim times.

H2O Cardio

The term “floaties” takes an evil twist in this class as participants use buoyant tools to strengthen and build muscle in a no-impact environment.  

Water Walking

No, we aren’t performing miracles in this class, we’re just donning our water shoes and having a great time makin’ waves with friends.  

Hydro Fit

Work your heart, lungs and muscles in this class while shimmering water washes away the calories dripping off your toned body.

Deep water Aerobics

Suspended in the deepest water of the pool, you’ll move your body with no impact on any sore spots.  With provided noodles, you can even keep your head above water (saving the $100 doo) and you’ll get a great low-stress workout.

Aqua Arthritis

Instead of putting oil on your joints, how about a whole pool of warm water? Getting all the joints going is the aim of this gentle class.

Aquatics for Kids

Your littles will splash and laugh as they learn important swimming fundamentals in lessons or they can improve their skills and take on more advanced strokes in our Swim Fins Club. MORE about Coastal KIDS’



Find lots of options with two pools!  (WWP= warm water pool)