Work it with friends! Boom! Fun!

“Excited for class today!” That’s our mantra. We have a HUGE variety of classes for every taste and fitness level. Whether you’re a landlubber or water fanatic, we’ve got you covered. Like to dance? You’ll love Zumba or Dance Cardio. Want weightless exercise? Try our Deep Water Class. Can’t stay on your feet too long or balance is challenging? Come be a part of our chair class. Want to feel like a hot mess in a good way? Let our HIIT class get you sweatin and workin’ beyond your self talk. Need some down time to stretch and relax? Then yoga is for you. The list goes on. Whatever your class appetite, our passionate motivating instructors make it fun and rewarding!


Land-Based Schedule


Land-Based Classes


Come to relax, stretch, and lengthen those taught muscles and leave feeling refreshed and energized. For beginners to intermediate exercisers.

Beginning Pilates

Start building your fitness foundation by strengthening your core.  Your abs, glutes, low back and thighs will thank you for the tune-up.


Just when you catch your breath, it’s time for another set!  This class will leave you gasping for air but grasping for more. Prepare to push your body to the edge and then reap the rewards of epoch effort.

Sculpt 101

You’ll use every tool in the gym to shape that clay body into a bronze masterpiece!

Conditioning For Life*

Join Connie and her gang of rowdies and get your morning jam on with one of the best in the business (35+ years of teaching and still kickin’ it!).  Cardio, strength, flexibility and fun!

Musical Chairs*

Okay, maybe a little steam is out of the kettle, but you still want to get some good exercise.  Work on core strength, general strength and balance—all using a chair. You’ll “squeeze and hold” your way to better fitness.

Cardio Lift

It’s POWER HOUR at Coastal Fitness. The DJ/slavedriver plays your favorite cuts and makes you work!  You’ll scream for relief but then beg for more. Oh, and you can forget about staying dry…

Cardio Dance

Dance your way to fitness! This class is a fun, high energy cardio workout party that incorporates aerobic moves to a wide genre of upbeat music! Experience the joy and release of dance and get a great workout at the same time. Suitable for all levels of fitness.

Zumba Gold*

Tapping your foot to fun Latin-themed music is one thing but why not shake it all and work your whole body?  An exciting, choreographed class that goes by way too fast.

Second Wind*

Cardio, strength, balance, agility—you never know what you’ll find except a fun challenge with fun people who like how workin’ out makes them feel!


Water-Based Schedule


Water-Based Classes

H2O Cardio

The term “floaties” takes an evil twist in this class as participants use buoyant tools to strengthen and build muscle in a no-impact environment.

Hydro Fit

Work your heart, lungs and muscles in this class while shimmering water washes away the calories dripping off your toned body.

Water walking

No, we aren’t performing miracles in this class, we’re just donning our water shoes and having a great time makin’ waves with friends.  

Aqua Arthritis

Instead of putting oil on your joints, how about a whole pool of warm water? Getting all the joints going is the aim of this gentle class.

Deep water Aerobics

Suspended in the deepest water of the pool, you’ll move your body with no impact on any sore spots.  With provided noodles, you can even keep your head above water (saving the $100 doo) and you’ll get a great low-stress workout.