We’ve got you covered

Coastal Fitness is more than 20,000+ square feet of exercise variety and play. It's more than fun, inspiring classes for all exercisers whether you're a fitness warrior or exercise rookie. It's more than splashing fun in aquatic classes, swim lessons, or play time in our two pristine pools. It's more than state-of-the-art equipment to power your workout and drive your motivation. It's more than exciting kids programs and family-friendly exercise time like gymnastics, dance, pickleball, basketball, volleyball. It's more than fitness class schedules to fit your sometimes crazy life. It's a FAMILY, a community. It's a place to connect, feel supported, get stronger, gain confidence, and feel your best.


Cardio Deck

Move it....your heart will love it!

Run, climb, walk, pedal, row, warm up and cool down. Hop onto our variety of deluxe machines and get your heart pumping. No weather to navigate. Our warm friendly staff and supportive community keeps it always sunny at Coastal Fitness. You can even catch the game or your favorite home decorating show while you get those steps in.



Stay Strong Spaces

Lift Some Weights, Elevate Your Mood!

Don’t forget those reps! Whether your goal is to get “swole” or to keep your bones and muscles strong, we have tons of top notch equipment, weights and machines for your achievement. Make strength training part of your lifestyle, and style the rest of your life.




Weightless Workouts and FUN!

Splash into our pristine pools! Maybe you’re recovering from an injury, looking for exercise that’s easy on those joints, or training for a tri. Take some laps or fun water classes in our large pool or ease into our warmer water pool for relaxing and weightless mobility. Then bring those littles and have some splashing good fun during recreational swim times.



Court Clout

Just more options!

Our courts get tired! They never have a dull moment. Come see!
We have basketball, pickleball, ping pong, and volleyball and
an occasional birthday party! It’s all yours to enjoy.
Check your schedule and line up a fine time with friends.



Personal or
Team Training

Crush Your Goals!

In personal or team training, expert coaches and motivating teammates converge to create an inspiring workout. Add passion, energy and functional exercise and you have the perfect mix to achieve your goals.



More of Everything to help you reach your fitness goals!